GSDM Platform Seminar

Japanese and non-Japanese pioneers in various fields are invited as speakers. It is hoped that the seminars will lead to the promotion of education and research at the GSDM program.

Seminar List

Date Lecture Title / Seminar Title
123 Jan. 18 "Recent Development of Transition Governance for Sustainability at Global, EU and local level"
122 Nov. 27 "The role of the OECD in the drive towards SDGs"
121 Oct. 29 "National Energy and Climate Plans for sustainable development: Spanish case"
120 Nov. 2 "After the Refugee Crisis and Syrian conflict: What we can learn from German Experience about acceptance of Refugees"
118 Oct. 4 The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege's Special Lecture on "Peace, Justice, and Women's Rights"
117 Sep. 19 Symposium "Science on Facilitating Advancement of Innovation & Regulation"
116 Sep. 26 "Changing landscapes in the Korean Peninsula and prospects for economic cooperation in Northeast Asia"
115 Jul. 27 Keynote session "Enhancing Japan-Africa Connectivity"
111 Sep. 7 "Toward Northeast Asian Economic Integration" (Presentation materials)
110 Jul. 5 From Clean Rooms to Dirty Water: Labor, Semiconductor Firms, and the Struggle over Pollution and Workplace Hazards in Silicon Valley"
109 Jun. 7 "Universal Health Coverage in Thailand"
108 May. 22 Series Seminar for Business and Human Rights related to Conflict Minerals in the DR Congo "The Development Aid for Local People in Conflict Affected Area”
106 Feb. 19 Series Seminar "Business and Human Rights on the Issue of Conflict Minerals in the DR Congo"
Special Lecture by Jean-Claude Katende, "Democratization and Human Rights in the DRC"
105 Feb. 15 International Symposium on "Sciences Behind Decision-making Process for Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Oceans"
104 Jan. 18 "Rural Development in Vietnam: Resource Circulation and the Role of Middlemen"
95 Jan. 15 International Symposium on "Private Standards and Global Governance: Possibilities and Challenges"
100 Nov. 13 "IMF Career Seminar"(Presentation materials)
99 Oct. 26 "IDB Group Career Presentation"
97 Nov. 20 "Career Opportunities at the OECD"
96 Nov. 29 "An Investor Talks about Interdisciplinary Start-ups - What an Investor Expects in a Start-up Concept and What You Should Expect from an Investor —"
94 Sep. 14 "Economic Performance and Prospects for Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia"(Presentation materials)
93 Jul. 6 "Trends in aerospace: A US-Japan perspective on challenges and opportunities"
91 Jun. 13 "Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016: Taking on Inequality"
90 Jun. 26 "Life Course Epidemiology and Women’s Health"
89 May 8 "Economic Development and Financial Stability in Asia"
88 May 25 "Policy Evaluation in Public Institutions: the Role of the IEO at the IMF"
86 Feb. 20 "What is the Social Trade-off of Securitization? A Tale of Financial Innovation"
85 Jan. 27 "Child care costs and stagnating female labor force participation in the US"
84 Jan. 19 "MIT-UTokyo Joint Seminar on Nuclear and Renewable Energy"
82 Dec. 14 "IEA ETSAP Workshop on Energy Modelling and Applications"
81 Nov. 25 "The University of Tokyo ・National University of Singapore -First Joint Symposium"
80 Nov. 10 "The 2708th Academic Meeting of The Tokyo Society of Medical Sciences"
78 Nov. 18 "IMF Career Seminar"
77 Nov. 18 "OECD Career Seminar"
76 Dec. 12 International Symposium on "Private Standards and Global Governance: Prospects and Challenges" (Presentation materials)
74 Jul. 1 "Brown Bag Seminar on Career Opportunities and Development in the OECD"
73 Jul. 11 "ADB Career Presentation"(Report)
72 May. 12 "Asia and Latin America: The Rising South or the End of an Era?"
71 Dec. 7 "Essential of Project Management"
70 Oct. 30 "Defect Engineering in 2-Dimensional Materials: From Theory to Applications"
68 Oct. 8 "Asian Economic Outlook and the Role of ADB"
67 Dec. 14 "Global Trade Order after the TPP:Opportunities and Challenges for Japan" (Report)
66 Aug. 18 Policy Alternatives Research Institute (PARI) / Policy Thinknet Symposium "New Approach for Medical R&D"
65 Sep. 16 "Global Energy Outlook and Energy Policy Challenges of Japan and ASEAN" (Report)
64 Jul. 6 "Nanotube-based sensors between Vienna and the middle of the world"
63 Jul. 7 "Autonomous Experimentation Applied to Carbon Nanotube Synthesis"
62 Jun. 23 "Tailoring Carbon Nanomaterials for Emerging Applications"
61 Jul. 3 "Development of Hierarchical Zeolite Catalysts for the Synthesis of Renewable Chemicals"
60 May. 26 "Nonlinear Circuits and Bistable Oscillators for Vibration Energy Harvesters"
57 Apr. 15 Leadership Journey and Lessons Learned
56 Apr. 16 Ireland-Japan International Energy Modeling Workshop
55 Apr. 4 “Toward Real Fusion between Medical Science and Information Science: Opportunity and Issues of Carrier Paths on Transdisciplinary Research”
53 Mar. 3 A Special Lecture on Global Health Governance by Profs. Anne Mills, DCMG CBE MADHSA PhD FMedSci FRS, and Margaret E. Kruk, M.D., Ph. D.
51 Feb. 24 The Translational Knowledge Cycle: Innovations in Moving Science from Discovery to Application to Improve Human and Environmental Health (Report)
49 Feb. 25 Single walled carbon nanotubes
48 Feb. 19 "US Economy/Health Policy Seminar〜US Economic Outlook,
Global Economic Outlook,US Policy and Health Policy〜"
47 Feb. 17 Global Energy Trends
42 Jan. 9 How does drought-tolerant rice help farmers? Evidence from a randomized control trial in eastern India
45 Dec. 25 Getting the ball rolling:Starting a research lab at a US university
43 Dec. 8 Default Risks and Collateral in the Absence of Commitment in a Two-country Model
39 Dec. 20 Challenge in Asian countries to achieve Universal Health Coverage– Cases and lessons from the four countries
37 Nov. 26 Income-Induced Expenditure Switching
36 Nov. 21 Experimental studies on SWNT bundling during FC-CVD synthesis
35 Nov. 18 The study on the field enhancement factor of carbon nanotubes field emitters
34 Nov. 5 Plasma assisted combustion:Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities
33 Nov. 4 Generating and probing semiconductor quantum dots with single-atom precision
31 Oct. 6 Black swan start-ups and the role of government policy
30 Oct. 5 US Economic Outlook,Global Economic Outlook,US Policy and Health Policy
29 Oct. 1 International Symposium on Cross-border Data Flow Ⅱ
26 Dec. 8 Mega-FTAs and Global Trade Governance
25 Aug. 19 Optical detection and spectroscopy of individual nano-objects
24 Jul. 29 Physiologically-Based Models of Human Thermal and Respiratory Systems and Their Application in Engineering and Medical Sciences
23 Aug. 14 Manufacturing of 3D Carbon Nanotube Surfaces
22 Jul. 22 Innovative thermal energy harvesting for future autonomous applications
21 Jul. 24 The Future Interaction between Universities and Society - How can Researchers Become Publically Engaged? -
20 Jul. 4 Convergence of Science,Engineering and Technology for Social Impact
19 Jul. 15 University Civic Engagement and Social Innovation
18 Jul. 7/8 University of Tokyo-Brookings Health Symposium for Accountable Care and Biomedical Innovation
17 May. 28 Social Innovation for Inclusive Society:"Beyond Capitalism"
16 May. 21 A Special Lecture on Global Health by Prof. Margaret E. Kruk, M.D., Ph. D.
15 May. 28 Peaceful and Safer Use of Nuclear Power: Role of Integral Fast Reactor
14 May. 21 High Performance Metal-Organic Framework Membranes for Olefin/Paraffin Separations
13 Apr. 22 Impact of climate change on aviation biofuel production
12 Apr. 25 Macroeconomics Workshop 2014
11 Apr. 21 Trend in Global Energy Supply and Demand, and Its Implications for Japan and Asia
10 Apr. 4 Fate and Effects of Inhaled Nanomaterials: What are the Perceived and Real Risks?
9 Mar. 12 International Symposium on Cross-border Data Flow
8 Mar. 8 Medical Image Computing and Therapeutic Procedures
7 Mar. 5 Research Workshop: Dialogue between Students and Young Engineers
6 Mar. 6 Frontiers of Research on Fisheries Resources
5 Feb. 6 Robot Companions: Rethinking Healthcare Robot Design and Fabrication
4 Jan. 23 Education and Technology Innovation in Korea
3 Dec. 14 Building Barrier-free Map with open Approach
2 Dec. 2 A Special Lecture on Global Health
1 Nov. 22 European Programs for Small Satellites