Rules and Forms


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The following answers are subject to change, so please make sure to obtain the latest information.

Q. Is new recruitment open now?
A. Please contact the GSDM office for new recruitment. As successor program, Cross-Departmental Educational Program ‘Global Leadership Program for Social Design and management: GSDM2.0’ launched in autumn 2020 and the registration is always open.
Q. Does GSDM offer a grant?
A. There is no grant for the students who enroll after AY2020. There is no grant in GSDM2.0.
Q. Do you have a financial support for the International Project?
A. In principle, GSDM does not provide any allowance for the International Project from AY2020.
Q. Can I transfer from GSDM to GSDM2.0?
A. That is possible. However, GSDM2.0 doesn't approve the credits which are earned before its official start. In addition, students are not allowed to take the same course again. It means you might not be able to fulfill the requirement to complete GSDM2.0. Please check its requirement.
Q. What is the difference between GSDM and GSDM2.0 ?
A. Please see the following table.

Recruitment Selection Registration
Eligibility The students who belong to one of the 21 departments of 9 graduate schools at the University of Tokyo participating in GSDM. All the students who belong to master or doctoral course of the University of Tokyo
Grant Not offered to students enrolled after AY2020 -
Student activities Student Initiative Project (SIP)
Interactive Evening Lounge (IEL)
Other events
Student Initiative Project (SIP)
Interactive Evening Lounge (IEL)
Other events
Interim examination Qualifying Examination (QE)
Research Design Workshop (RDW)
Requirement Required credits
Completing the International Project
Passing QE, RDW, and final examination (Incl. writing of supplementary paper)
Doctoral degree
Required credits
Master’s or Doctoral degree
Certificate Doctorate with a note indicating the completion of the GSDM from your department. Certificate signed by the chairperson of the Education Management Committee of the University of Tokyo