Message from the Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator/Hideaki Shiroyama
Hideaki Shiroyama
Program Coordinator
Professor, Graduate School of
Public Policy

Modern society faces difficult issues in various fields including energy, medical care, and aerospace policies—issues important not only for Japan but also for the world. To resolve them, it is necessary to search for solutions while considering associated science and technology, and systems institutions and policies, not separately but in an integrated manner.

Today’s higher education, particularly doctoral education, places emphasis on students studying their research topics in depth, and as a result there are many students who do not pay attention to areas outside their majors.

Overcoming such conventional doctoral education, GSDM aims to produce graduates who can recognize social issues practically and flexibly by making the utmost use of interdisciplinary knowledges, and design and manage solutions for these issues.

GSDM involves nine graduate schools and 21 departments at the University of Tokyo. We are pleased to expect that students from each of the university's departments taking the program will become global leaders leading the world in the future.