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Responding to the Need for Human Resources Capable of Solving Social Issues

A new kind of human resources is needed in every field.

  • Policy-oriented government organizations seek personnel with advanced doctoral-level capabilities to work as civil servants who can be core negotiators, as issues grow increasingly complex and overseas bureaucrats become more and more highly educated.
  • International organizations seek human resources with PhDs, and those without a doctorate have difficulty being seriously considered as this labor market becomes more competitive.
  • The business community needs professionals who can spearhead innovation and seeks human resources with agenda-setting abilities, concept-creation skills, the leadership skills to handle open innovation, project management capabilities, and the global perspective and communication skills to be able to function in international settings.
  • Healthcare has, to date, been a relatively domestic and technology-oriented field. However, the field is now at the heart of international trade negotiations, and people with multidisciplinary abilities are needed.

Social Design and Management: Focused Interdisciplinary Learning

Technology alone cannot solve society’s problems; social context needs to be appreciated. Policies and systems alone also cannot solve social problems; policies and systems have to be designed and planned based on an understanding of advanced technologies. GSDM develops human resources with a balanced knowledge of both technologies and policies/systems, with a global perspective, and with specialized and broad-spectrum knowledge. Such “Social Design and Management” professionals are able to identify social issues by taking a global perspective and using broad-spectrum and specialized knowledge, to design integrative solutions by bringing together innovative technologies and public policy, and to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to realize the solutions.

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