Course Completion
(Students admitted in 2019 academic year)

  • Social Design and Global Leadership (2 credits, English)
  • Engineering Competency I, Project Based Learning, or Case Study (Project Based Learning on the Technological Innovation and the Social Solutions) (2 credits)

*The above credits from the 1. required course and 2. Compulsory electives courses (1) must be taken within two years after your joining the program.

Among the list of the 2019 Comprehensive Coursework

  • 2 credits or more from "Global society and public policy core"
  • 2 credits or more from "Advanced science technologies core"
  • 2 credits or more from "Issue solving core"

*Eight credits must be taken from the (3) Compulsory electives ②, out of which, at least 4 credits must be taken from English-taught courses.

*All the required course and credits above 1. 2. 3. must be taken and earned by the end of your D2 completion timing.

Note 1: The necessary fund for the International Project has to be procured by the students from the 2020 academic year. The possible source of fund may include the budget of applicant’s own laboratory, scholarships for study abroad, etc.