Online Interactive Evening Lounge
「Learn about the tutoring in university」

■Date : Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 10:00-11:00
■Venue : Online IEL via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 844 8924 0732
Pass code: 992665
■Organizer : Junu Kim, Kozue Okamura, Koutarou Nakamura
■Summary : Many universities in the US and other countries maintain a writing center that provides students with free assistance on their papers, projects, reports, multi-modal documents, etc. Students can get feedback about their work from experienced tutors. The goal of the writing center is to help a writer notice and understand where the problems lie in their writing. There are not many services like the writing center in Japan. Only a few universities have a writing center where students can get tutoring. For example, Waseda university has a writing center. If the writing center is implemented in Japanese universities, it would be a great help for students. However, the situation is a little bit different from that in the US because almost all students in Japanese universities are more suffering from English rather than writing. Therefore, if there are similar services like the writing center with modifications so that it can fit to the situations in Japan, it would support many students.
In this IEL, we will invite Jordan Boschman who has experience in tutoring students in the university. We will have a free discussion about the writing center and tutoring, and discuss how to promote such services in Japan so that the barrier of language can be lowered.