Online Interactive Evening Lounge
「Analysis of COVID-19 cases and its economic impact」

■Date : Friday, February 12th, 2021 15:00-17:00
■Venue : Online IEL via Zoom
■Organizer : Junu Kim, Kensaku Matsunami, Kozue Okamura (SIP group: SME Support During COVID-19)
■Summary : Our SIP group is now working on developing models to estimate future COVID-19 cases and its impact on economic output. The aim of this IEL is to share our progress and have open discussion about the content. Therefore, we are assuming about 30 minutes of presentation followed by about an hour free discussion. The IEL will be two hours at the most.
The presentation consists of mainly modeling and simulation.
The contents for now are as follows.
 ・Background and objective
 ・SEIR model to estimate COVID-19 cases
 ・Economic model to estimate economic output
 ・Future plan
(Recordings of webinar is strictly prohibited.)