GSDM 67th Platform Seminar
International Symposium on“Global Trade Order after the TPP:Opportunities and Challenges for Japan”
14th Dec, 2015 13:00-17:00
(Large Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Sanjo Conference Hall, The University of Tokyo)

DATE : 14 December 2015 (Mon), 13:00-17:00
VENUE : Large Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Sanjo Conference Hall, The University of Tokyo
(7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan)
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LANGUAGE : English
ADMISSION : Pre-registration is required. Please register from here.
HOSTED BY : Global Leaders Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM), University of Tokyo
ASSENTED BY : Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST)

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Hideaki Shiroyama
(Program Coordinator, GSDM / Dean Graduate School of Public Policy,University of Tokyo)
Introduction to the symposium and the panelists
Junji Nakagawa
(Professor, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo)
Session 1:
Post-TPP Trade Order in the Asia-Pacific: Prospects and Challenges for Japan

Panelists: Masayoshi Honma
(Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo)
Presentation slides
Panelists: Keiichi IWAMOTO
(Director, Economic Partnership Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan)
Presentation slides
Panelists:Chin Leng Lim
(Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong; Chair, East Asian International Economic Law & Policy Program)
Panelists: Meredith Kolsky Lewis
(Professor of Law, SUNY Buffalo Law School; Associate Professor of Law, Victoria University of Wellington Law School)

Session 2: Global Trade Order after the TPP: Challenges and Opportunities for Japan

Panelists:Masahiro KAWAI
(Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo)
Presentation slides
Panelists: Kazumochi KOMETANI
(Counsel, Nishimura & Asahi; formerly served as Director, nternational Legal Affairs Division, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan)
Presentation slides
Panelists: Yuka FUKUNAGA
(Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University)
Presentation slides
Panelists: Jo-Ann Crawford
(Counsellor, RTA Section, Trade Policy Review Division, WTO)
Presentation slides