Message from the Program Director

Program Director/Akio Takahara
Akio Takahara
Program Director
Graduate School of Public Policy

One of the characteristics of the Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM) lies in its ability to identify and find solutions to social issues through an interdisciplinary doctoral program that applies both broad-ranging and specialized knowledge. Society today faces a wide range of issues, including a declining birthrate and aging population, as well as resource, energy, and environmental challenges. There is a greater need than ever before for professionals with advanced expertise and a broad perspective who can lead the world in resolving these issues.

In order to respond to these societal needs, 21 departments from nine graduate schools at the University of Tokyo are working together to implement this program and deliver an outstanding education to its students. By doing so, we are nurturing individuals who can focus on their own discipline while at the same time stepping outside those boundaries to take a broader perspective, who can seek a synthesis of innovative science and technology, social systems, and public policy, and who can collaborate with diverse stakeholders to construct and implement solutions. I am pleased to say that our efforts to develop such global leaders are steadily bearing fruit.

In addition, starting from the 2016 academic year, the Graduate School of Public Policy, the main entity administering this program, has launched a doctoral program that is expected to further enrich GSDM’s educational and research activities.

We will therefore continue to set our program apart from conventional doctoral programs by offering students an international environment, a place to meet outstanding faculty and practitioners, and interdisciplinary instruction in order to create a "world-leading center of knowledge." I ask for your support of this program to create global leaders who can play an active role on the world stage.