About GSDM

Current Students

Graduate Schools Departments  
Graduate School of Public Policy Department ofPublic Policy 5
Department of Int'l Public Polic 5
Graduate Schools for Law and Politics Schoolof Legal and Political Studies 4
Graduate School of Economics Divisionof Economics 3
Division of Management 0
Graduate School of Engineering Departmentof Civil Engineering 3
Department of Mechanical Engineering 18
Department of Precision Engineering 3
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics 8
Department of Electrical Engineering andInformation Systems 3
Department of Systems Innovation 7
Department of Chemical System Engineering 7
Department of Nuclear Engineering andManagement 2
Department of Technology Management forInnovation 5
Graduate School of Agriculturaland Life Sciences Departmentof Global Agricultural Sciences 7
Department of Agricultural and ResourceEconomics 0
GraduateSchool of Frontier Sciences Departmentof Computational Biology and Medical Sciences 13
Graduate School of Medicine Departmentof International Health 5
Department of Social Medicine 1
GraduateSchool of Information Science and Technology Departmentof Information and Communication Engineering 4
Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies Departmentof Interdisciplinary Information Studies 1

Current Students by Field

Number of students: 104 (as of October 18, 2017)



Student Body Composition

Working students

  • Medicine (medical doctor)
  • Governmental banks
  • International organizations

Students with working experience

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Consultancies
  • Law firms
  • Civil service, etc.