Student Initiative Project
End of AY 2016 Report for SIP

Group Project Title Report
1 Game for Social Good  
2 Survey on the Role of Medium and Small Size Enterprises to Aviation Industries and Public Policies to Promote their Growth  
3 Knowledge and Data Management for Policy MakingTowards Data Driven Society  
4 Design and Implementation of Interdisciplinary Education:A Case Study from GSDM  
5 Collaborative Research in the Public Health Field  
6 Social and Humanitarian Initiatives For Tokyo – SHIFT  
7 Disaster Management for the Future: Part A – policyproposal: encouraging space innovation for EarthObservation and disaster management  
8 Disaster Management for the Future: Part B – Technologicalpackages for Natural Disasters  
9 Thinking about Ethical Dimension of Global Leaders –Developing an Interactive Game for Ethical CapacityBuilding  
11 Hult Prize on Social entrepreneurship – “The planet’slargest student competition to solve the world’s toughestchallenges”  
12 Thinking about future society for Infectious diseases