Spring Retreat and Completion Ceremony held on the 21st of March


On Monday, March 21, 2022, GSDM’s Spring Retreat and completion ceremony were held online.
Under the theme of ‘Career Development and Life Trajectories’, Panel Discussion 1 featured Prof. Mamoru Mitsuishi, who will retire this academic year. Prof. Yasuki Kobayashi, who is also retiring and couldn’t participate in the retreat, has sent a message to the students.
In Panel Discussion 2, we welcomed three alumni, Teruaki Hayashi (Class of 2017), Ching-Wen Chang(Class of 2018), and Saki Narita (Class of 2018) to talk about their careers and work-life balance.

This was followed by the final presentation of the two SIP which were successfully conducted this academic year.

Finally, the completion ceremony was held, with the following 10 students completing GSDM / GSDM2.0 in March 2022.

Hong Xie (School of Engineering)
Cesare Marco Scartozzi (Graduate School of Public Policy)
Fahma Fiqhiyyah Nur Azizah (School of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
Guantong Wang (School of Engineering)
Ryohei Takahashi (School of Engineering)
Xiaoxiao Liu (School of Frontier Sciences)
Jinzhe Zhang (School of Frontier Sciences)
Ryosuke Ozaki (School of Agricultural and Life Sciences)
Yusaku Tagawa (School of Engineering)

Zihao Liu (School of Engineering)

We sincerely wish you good health, happiness and the best of luck in your future endeavors!