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The 7th GSDM International Symposium
“Anthropocene: Global Leaders for a World in Transition”
4th Mar, 2020 13:00-17:30
(Ito Hall, Ito International Research Center, Hongo campus, the University of Tokyo)


In view of the escalating novel coronavirus outbreak, and as a matter of safety and precaution, this symposium has been cancelled.

(2/25/2020 Updated)

Date : 13:00-17:30, Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Venue : Ito International Research Center, Hongo campus, the University of Tokyo MAP
Admission : Free
Language : Japanese/English (Simultaneous interpretation)
Registration : Please register from here .
Hosted by : Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM), the University of Tokyo
Purposes : GSDM started in 2013 with the purpose of educating UTokyo post-graduate students, both Japanese and foreigners, about the multifaceted interactions between public policy and science/technology, in order to form outstanding professionals endowed with sound scientific competencies, the ability to understand complex social issues, as well as to discuss, and to propose solutions, while also being able to communicate with experts in different fields. Coming now to the end of its first seven-year cycle, it is time for GSDM to make an assessment about the journey so far. This 2020 GSDM International Symposium, which will coincide with the third GSDM International Strategic Advisory Board meeting, is therefore devoted to the topic of interdisciplinary dialogue in a world which is undergoing multiple transitions. Indeed, not only profound changes are required by the ecological challenges which are already with us, like climate change or plastic pollution, but the world is witnessing unprecedented demographic shifts (ageing in some areas, migration, rapid population growth in other areas), changes in political structures (power shifts, populism, failed or failing states), and technological revolutions of unpredictable magnitude (artificial intelligence, new space exploration, renewable energy). In the past seven years, all these trends have been intensifying, and there are likely to become even more dominant in the future. The sheer complexity of this picture makes any attempts at orientation and decision-making quite difficult. If seen from the perspective of a single academic discipline, the task is simply impossible. That is why multi-disciplinarity, dialogue between different academic fields, and between academics and practitioners, is now a necessity. In this Symposium, distinguished speakers will illustrate how their respective fields can converge on and be mutually fertilised by this concept of transition. Furthermore, the Symposium intends to address the role played by educational institutions, such as UTokyo, in preparing the next generation of global leaders and fostering inter-disciplinary dialogue.


◉ Schedule 13:00~17:30  
Greetings from
the student
Bao Leilei (GSDM student)
Opening remarks Kohei Miyazono (Executive Vice President,
the University of Tokyo)


Keynote speech  
1.Keisuke Sadamori (Energy Markets and Security Director, International
Energy Agency)
2.Keita Nishiyama (Director General of Commerce and Information
Industry, METI)
3.Derk Loorbach
(Director, The Dutch Research Institute for
Transitions(DRIFT), And Professor of Socio-economic
Transitions, Faculty of Social Science, Erasmus
University Rotterdam)

Panel Discussion 1 :
Current Situation, Challenges, and Policies in Complex Transitions

Moderator Hideaki Shiroyama (Program Coordinator, Professor, Graduate School
of Public Policy / Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, the University of Tokyo)
Panelists Keisuke Sadamori  
  Keita Nishiyama  
  Timothy Dalton (Program Director, Global Reseach Execution and Portfolio Management.IBM T.J.Watson Research Center. IBM Research)
  Ayako Takemi (Consulting firm)[GSDM graduate]
  Sho Maekawa (UCB Japan Co. Ltd.)[GSDM graduate]


Report of the student workshop  Yen Yen Sally Rahayu(GSDM student)

Panel Discussion 2 :Leadership education and roles of university

Moderator Shigeo Maruyama (Distinguished Professor, Graduate school of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
Panelists Hideaki Koizumi (Executive Vice President/Chair of the International Committee on International Affairs,Technology(RCAST), The University of Tokyo, Honorary Fellow, Hitachi, Ltd.)
  Vish Krishnan (Professor, University of California, San Diego. Rady School of Management)
  Kumi Imamura (Chairperson, NPO Katariba)
  Hideaki Shiroyama  
  Akiko Sasakawa (Senior Researcher of the Energy Group,
Electric Power Industry & New and Renewable Energy Unit, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan[GSDM graduate]
  Daniel del Barrio Alvarez (Project Researcher, Policy Alternatives Research Institute, the University of Tokyo)[GSDM graduate]


Student’s comment DO Xuan Phong (GSDM student)
Closing remarks Mamoru Mitsuishi (GSDM Deputy Program Coordinator, Executive Director and Vice President
of the University of Tokyo, Professor, Graduate school of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)