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GSDM 89th Platform Seminar
“Economic Development and Financial Stability in Asia”
8th May, 2017 14:00-16:30
( Ishibashi Memorial Hall, Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo)


Many Asian economies have been developing rapidly and the financial sector has been supporting such development. However, rapid economic development is often associated with unbalanced growth of the financial sector. Countries with rapid growth driven by high investment tend to see credit expanded too fast with undesirable consequences for the financial sector, including the banking system, such as a large potential for nonperforming loans. In addition, countries that borrow heavily from abroad to finance their economic development can face the risk of sudden capital outflows when market sentiment changes, and an eventual financial crisis. It is thus important for rapidly developing economies to safeguard against such risks to financial stability.
In this seminar, Director Junhong Chang of AMRO will talk about challenges for developing Asian economies in promoting growth while preserving financial stability. She will explain regional financial cooperation (CMIM, AMRO and more) in the broader context of the global financial system, focusing on AMRO’s efforts at helping the ASEAN+3 countries in maintaining financial stability, its challenges, and new directions. Her speech will be followed by a panel discussion with her, Dr. Yoichi Nemoto (former AMRO Director) and Dr. Peter Morgan (ADBI), which will be then followed by Q&A interactions with the floor.

Date : 14:00-16:30, Monday, May 8, 2017
Venue : Ishibashi Memorial Hall, Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building, Hongo Campus, University of TokyoMAP
Language : English
Sponsored by : Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM), University of Tokyo
Co-sponsored by : ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO)
Sipported by : Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP)
Admission : Free of charge
Registration : Please register from here.


14:00-14:10 Opening remarks by Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama, GSDM Coordinator
14:10-15:00 Keynote speech by Dr. Junhong Chang, Director, AMRO
Presentation materials
15:00-15:45 Panel discussion by Dr. Junhong Chang, Dr. Yoichi Nemoto, and Dr. Peter Morgan, moderated by Prof. Masahiro Kawai
15:45-16:20 Q&As
16:20 Closing remarks

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