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Interactive Evening Lounge
“Let’s play a game and broaden our ethical horizons in decision-making!”
2nd March 2017 17:50-20:10
(Eng.Bld.#8-536, Hongo Campus)

Date : Thursday, 2nd March 2017, 17:50 – 20:10
Venue : Eng.Bld.#8-536, Hongo Campus MAP
Organizer : SIP Group No. 9 (Faculty member to attend: Kazuyo Hanai)
Guest speaker : Prof. Kojiro Honda, Kanazawa Medical University

Ethical issues are serious. That doesn’t mean the learning process needs to be serious.
Why don’t we play a game and broaden our ethical horizons in decision-making?
This is an IEL to provide participants with a fun opportunity to broaden their ethical horizons in decision-making.
A reflective lecture by a spirited external expert follows to help you understand how ethical concerns are processed in your mind.
Lastly, we try to work out alternative solutions to a case we learn in the game together.
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