[Event Information]
Interactive Evening Lounge
“Writing Lab Session 1”
2nd July,2016 14:00‐16:00 (Eng.Bld.#8-536, Hongo Campus)

Date : Saturday July 2nd, 2016 from 14:00 to 16:00
Venue : Engineering #8 Building room 536 MAP

The ability to successfully handle communication is one of the key didactical goals of GSDM. Communication is not only however the ability to speak in public or to deliver convincing presentations, but also to produce written texts of sound quality.
As it appears that numerous GSDM students would benefit from some event aimed at enhancing their English writing skills, a “Writing Lab” has been created with this specific aim. We will focus on how to produce the various reports and other documents which GSDM requires from the students at various stages, thus exploring more in general the problem of writing and how to refine such skill.
Students who intend to participate should bring a laptop computer for writing practice purposes.
1) Introduction of the Writing Lab
2) General “rules” or consideration on writing
3) Documents required by GSDM and how to write them
4) Review of past examples
5) Supervised practice