[Event Information]
Interactive Evening Lounge
“Review Meeting for SIP Proposals”
2nd June,2016 18:00-20:30(Eng.Bld.#14-429, Hongo Campus)

Date : Thursday June 2nd, 2016 18:00-20:30
Venue : Eng. Bld. #14-429, Hongo Campus MAP
Title : Review Meeting for SIP Proposals

In AY 2016, GSDM students have formed nine SIP groups and submitted proposals for their own projects. To consider the feasibility of their proposals and the allocation of budgets, GSDM faculty members in charge of SIP would like to initiate a review meeting. In this review meeting, students can also obtain comments from external collaborators working in the private sector.

18:00-18:10 Introduction
18:10-19:40 Review of SIP Proposals
  ( Presentation 3min + Comments 7min )×9groups =90min
19:40-19:55 Comments from External Collaborators
19:55-20:00 Closing Comment
20:00-20:30 Free discussion

【External Collaborators】
◉Mr. Kazuo Tase, Director, Global Management Institute, Deloitte Tohmatsu
 Consulting LLC
◉Dr. Kayoko Tatsumi, Director, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
【SIP groups】
1. Game for Social Good
  (Maeda, Uchida, Miyano, Muroga)
2. Survey on the role of medium and small size enterprises to aviation industries and
  public policies to promote their growth
  (Yanagimoto, Sakai, Y.Suzuki)
3. Externalization of Social Issues and Problem Solving with Multidisciplinary Data
  Utilization and Analysis
  (Muraoka, Yamauchi, Hayashi, Nonaka, Imaizumi, Kim, Matsunami, H.Lee)
4. Design and Implementation of postgraduate level interdisciplinary programmes
  (Hong, Maekawa, Nonaka)
5. The platform for collaboration between statisticians and researchers of public health
  (Yaginuma, Y.Suzuki, Imaizumi, Morioka)
6. Social and Humanitarian Initiatives For Tokyo – SHIFT
  (Kovacevic, Muroga, Ohe)
7. Disaster Management for the Future: Part A – policy proposal: encouraging space
  innovation for Earth Observation and disaster management
 (Chavy-Macdonald, Pyne, Karthikeyan, Coral, H.Lee)
8. Disaster Management for the Future: Part B – Technological packages for Emergency
  (Ozawa, Yoshihara, Ariu, E.Tanaka, Nomura, So)
9. Thinking about ethical dimension of global leaders – Developing an interactive game
  for ethical capacitybuilding
  (Masuda, Yanagimoto, Oh, Bhattacharyya, Matsuguma, Takeuchi)