[Event Information]
「GSDM Interactive Evening Lounge」
4th Mar,2016 19:00-20:30
(Eng.Bld.#8-536, Hongo Campus)


Using Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Date : March 4th, 2016 19:00-20:30
Venue : Eng.Bld.#8-536, Hongo CampusMAP

This IEL introduces what big data and big data analytics are, and how big data analytics are applied in health care industry. This IEL also aims to develop students’ interest in the emerging profession of data scientist, and to offer students information about a new career path.

19:00-19:15 : Session 1.
General idea about what big data and big data analytics are.
19:15-19:35 : Session 2.
Detailed instruction how to apply big data analytics in health care industry by watching video lecture.
19:35-19:55 : Session 3.
Workshop. The participants are divided into some groups. Assume that it is possible for each group to access all kinds of information about the patients; gender, age, address, marriage, current medications, past drug records etc. Then each group discuss the potential benefit by assembling and analyzing the dataset.
19:55-20:10 : Session 4.
Present prepared answers to the workshop based on the survey of case studies.
20:10-20:30 : Free conversation.