[Event Information]
「GSDM Interactive Evening Lounge」
1st Dec,2015 18:00-20:00 (Conference Room at Ito International Research Center, Hongo Campus)


Career Development in International Organizations
    ~Experiences in Working on Asia in the International Energy Agency~

Summary:Two guest speakers, Dr. Ingrid Barnsley, Head of International Partnerships and Initiatives at the International Energy Agency (IEA) and Visiting Lecturer of the GSDM, and Ms. Cecilia Tam, Deputy Vice President of Asia Pacific Energy Research Center (APERC) and Senior Policy Analyst of the IEA, will be invited to talk about their current jobs and how they make their professional careers in the international arena. This IEL is jointly hosted by the PARI.

Date : 18:00–20:00  Dec 1, 2015
Place : Conference Room at Ito International Research Center, Hongo Campus MAP



17:45-18:00 Registration
18:00-18:05 Brief introduction of the speakers [GSDM Professor Hisashi Yoshikawa]

A:Energy in ASEAN and the role of international organizations

18:05-18:20 IEA and its activities in ASEAN   [Dr. Ingrid Barnsley]
18:20-18:35 APERC and its activities in ASEAN   [Ms. Cecilia Tam]

B:Career development at international organization

18:35–19:10 Internship at IEA     [GSDM Student, Daniel del Barrio]
Internship at IEEJ    [GSDM Student, Nan Wang]
Working at IEA and future plan    [Dr. Ingrid Barnsley]
Working experience in APERC and IEA  [Ms. Cecilia Tam]

C:Roundtable with students

19:10-20:00 – Who would be interested?
– Motivations for international organization career
– Image from students
– What is needed?
– Future perspectives – what is after?

[Open dialogue between students, experts and professors]