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GSDM 4th Platform Seminar
“Education and Technology Innovation In Korea”
23rd Jan.2014 17:30-19:00 (2nd Seminar room Economics Research Annex(Kojima Hall))

Date : 23rd January 2014, 17:30-19:00
Place : 2nd Seminar room at Economics Research Annex (Kojima Hall)
Lecturer : Prof. Doh-Yeon Kim
Fellow, School of Eng., The University of TokyoFormer Minister,
Ministry ofEducation, Sci. & Tech. of Korean Government&Former   President,
University of Ulsan
Sponsor : Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management
Co-Sponsor : Graduate School of Public   Policy; Science, Technology,and
Innovation  Governance Project



During the last 20th century, without any doubt, Japan was the most successful country in the world. Japan has achieved a surprising development and become a global leader. From 1970s, Korea has followed Japan and also achieved the advancement in economics as well as in politics. For both countries, we can easily recognize that this remarkable achievement is due to the well educated people who lead the innovations in technology. Note that, in the future, the importance of the education and the technology will be further increasing.

In this talk, I’d like to introduce the current states of higher education (university) and R&D activities of Korea. Between Japan and Korea, there are many common as well as different things. We can take each other’s strong points and make up for the weakness. In many respects, I believe that Japan and Korea have to cooperate for our coming generations.


Poster Session

Prof. Doh-Yeon Kim, Former Minister, Ministry of Education, Sci. & Tech. of
Korean Government & Former President, University of Ulsan gave a special
lecture on the 23rd of Jan.