Comprehensive Coursework/ Advanced Science and Technology Courses / Intensive Course “Advanced Study of Science & Technology”(5130220)


[Course Overview] This course aims to cultivate internationally competitive young researchers equipped with literacy and competency to become future leaders in industry and academia. The course deals with multidisciplinary application skills and the in-depth research in specialized fields so that students accomplish the ability to work in a broader spectrum and apply one’s skills to a multidisciplinary setting.
The topics of the course include medical and biomedical robotics, medical high-tech industries, disease prevention, health care system, science technology and industrial policy, system safety, energy technology, and, nano-technology.

We are pleased to announce the following class schedule. It will be conducted online.

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Schedule: Saturday, 22nd October 10:25-18:35
Saturday, 29th October 10:25-18:35
Saturday, 5th November 10:25-18:35
Lecture Room: All lecture and the final exam will be conducted on a cyber lecture room.