Comprehensive Coursework/Compulsory course/Intensive Course “Social Design and Global Leadership”


The schedule of “Social Design and Global Leadership” (Compulsory course) has been decided as follows.

4/18(Sun.) 14:00-18:30 Introduction and methods for social design by Prof.Shiroyama; Global leadership and medical innovation by Prof. Suzuki
4/24(Sat.) 9:00-12:30 Energy security by Prof. Tanaka
5/29(Sat.) 9:00-12:30 International economic management by Prof. Kawai
13:30-17:00 International public health by Prof. Nomura
5/30(Sun.) 9:00-12:30 International space collaboration by Prof. Nakasuka
7/17(Sat.) 9:00-13:15 Presentation by groups and comments

※The detailed information will be provided later.