Completion Ceremony


GSDM Completion Ceremony was held on Wednesday, 16 September 2020 online. The certificate of the GSDM completion were given (shown) to those who finished GSDM successfully by Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama, GSDM program coordinator. Prof. Shiroyama and other professors who attended the ceremony made congratulatory speech delivering their expectations for them to contribute to the society by making a good use of their expertise as well as GSDM experience. The graduating students told that they had good experience through GSDM activities. They also expressed their gratitude to the professors and the program, and their determination of contribution toward the society in the future.
Giulio, Hao-Sheng, Quentin, Meng, and Jie, congratulations!
We sincerely wish you good health, happiness, and the best of luck in all your future endeavors.
=Students who completed the program in September 2020=
CORAL, Giulio (Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering)
LIN, Haosheng (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering)
VERSPIEREN, Quentin (Dept. of International Public Policy, Graduate School of Public Policy)
SU, Meng (Dept. of Precision Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering)
ZHU, Jie (Dept. of Chemical System Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering)