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Comprehensive Coursework/Compulsory course/Intensive Course “Social Design and Global Leadership”

Schedule 19th April 15:00-19:00 (Cancelled)
  26th April 9:00-17:00  (Cancelled)
  30th May 12:00-16:00 Introduction and methods for social design by Prof.Shiroyama; Global leadership and medical innovation by Prof. Suzuki
16:50-20:00 International public health by Prof. Nomura
  31th May 9:00-12:30 International economic management by Prof. Kawai
13:30-17:00 International space collaboration by Prof. Nakasuka;
17:00-17:45 Group formation for final presentation
  14th June 13:30-17:30 Energy security by Prof. Tanaka
  11th July 9:00-13:15 Presentation by groups and comments
Classroom Classes on 30th and 31st of May will be held on Zoom.
Classes afterward may be held at the room SMBC Academia Hall 4th Floor, IAR

★Please check the UATS for details.
Zoom address and request for sending emails to TA and instructor are found in the UTAS.


※Course Registration
Master course student’s Code:5130230 ”Social Design and Global Leadership”
Doctoral course student’s Code:5179001 “International Practical Research(Social Design and Global Leadership)