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GSDM 123rd Platform Seminar
“Recent Development of Transition Governance for Sustainability at Global, EU and local level”
18th Jan, 2020 10:30-12:00
(Conference Room 2, International House of Japan)

Date : 10:30-12:00 Saturday, 18 January, 2020
Venue : Conference Room 2, International House of JapanMAP
Language : English (No interpretation service)
Registration : Please register from here
Co-Organizer : Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management(GSDM), the University of Tokyo
Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance (STIG) Education Program

Prof. Derk Loorbach
Director, The Dutch Research Institute For Transitions
Professor, Socio-economic Transitions, Faculty of Social Science
Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Transition governance is increasingly institutionalized now that for example the UN biodiversity convention, the European Commission (with the recent Green Deal) and many cities push towards transformative change.
At the same time ecological crises, populist politics and (global) socio-economic instabilities are increasing and destabilizing dominant economic development patterns. Transition governance as theoretical approach and transition management as operational strategy for transformative change has evolved since around 2000 towards a nuanced understanding of the drivers, patterns and mechanisms that drive or block transformative change on the longer-term. It also has evolved into a more evolutionary governance strategy in which increased societal turbulence leads to increased attention to top-down, regulatory governance, and the psychology of transitions. In the seminar recent examples of transition governance at global European and local level will be presented as well as the possible implications for Japan. The seminar will include a lecture but also offers space for discussion and question and answers with the lecturer.