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“Career Planning Session 2: Learning from Career Path of GSDM Alumni”
6th Dec, 2019 18:30-20:00
(31 B room, Engineering Bldg.2, Hongo Campus)

■Date : Friday, 6th, December 2019, 18:30-20:00
■Venue : 31 B room, 3F, Engineering Bldg.2, Hongo CampusMAP
■Organizer : GSDM Student Committee
■Summary : We are going to hold an IEL about career planning session and invite GSDM alumni as guest speakers. In the first session, alumni will give presentations about a) why and how they chose a current job, b) what they have done after graduation, c) message and advices for GSDM students, and so on. In the latter part, QA and discussion sessions would be planned like a panel discussion. We, GSDM students, can ask any questions and discuss how we should utilize GSDM curriculum as well as how we should plan a future career. Guest speakers are as follows:
Dr. Daniel Del BARRIO ALVAREZ, Project researcher at Institute for Future Initiatives, the University of Tokyo, graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering
Dr. Budhaditya PYNE, Working at Synspective Inc. (the JAXA -UTokyo Space startup) and supporting role with the Global Business Strategy and Marketing team, graduated from the Department of Satellite Development
Dr. Akiko SASAKAWA, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, graduated from the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics
Dr. Nan WANG, Researcher at Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth, graduated from the Department of Technology Management for Innovation
Dr. Goran KOVACEVIC (via a video message), Associate in the Finance Division at Goldman Sachs, graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems
In addition, we will show video messages from GSDM alumni.
We are sure that It is such a good opportunity to participate in the IEL!
If you have interested in this IEL, please fill out Google form: