[Event Information]
Interactive Evening Lounge
“International discussion on shaping gender in Japan”
29th Oct 2019 17:00-19:30
(SMBC Academia Hall, International Academic Research Building, Hongo Campus)

■Date : Tuesday, 29th October, 2019, 17:00-19:30
■Venue : SMBC Academia Hall, 4F, International Academic Research Bldg. MAP
■Organizer : Max Berthet (with GSDM Student Committee, and SIP Towards Gender Equality in UTokyo)
■Summary : In this IEL, the GSDM Student Committee proposes a student-led discussion on shaping gender in Japan. After watching a short documentary to stir reflection, participants will be divided into culturally diverse groups, and brainstorm to identify core factors which have shaped the current gender landscape in Japan. At the end of the session, each student group will present a short, original and thought-provoking narrative summarising their discussion. One focus will be making connections with the situation in other countries, by involving students’ own international backgrounds. Collaboration between Japanese and international students will be key to produce nuanced summaries.
We are privileged to welcome a broad range of facilitators, stemming from academia to think-tanks, who will mingle with student groups to promote discussion and catalyse idea generation. Although there is no “right” or “wrong ” answer, awards will be given to the most interesting student proposals.
Output from the workshop will be used as valuable input to the Student Initiative Project (SIP) Towards Gender Equality in UTokyo.


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