[Event Information]
Interactive Evening Lounge
“International Project Reporting IEL”
8th June 2018 18:00-20:00
(Seminar room “A”, International Academic Research Building, Hongo Campus)

■Date : Friday, June 8th, 2018, 18:00 – 20:00
■Venue : Seminar room “A” on the 12th floor of the GraSPP Building (IARB) (Hongo Campus) MAP
■Organizer : Dr. Roberto Orsi
■Summary : This IEL provides the venue for students returning from their GSDM International Project to present about their experience as well as for other GSDM students to learn about their colleagues’ IPs, ideally learning lessons which can be useful when their turn will come. In this IEL, GSDM students Budhaditya Pyne, Hirabayashi Mayo san, Ito Yusuke san and Suzuki Takashi san will be the presenters.

-18:00-18:15 Introduction of the IEL and Information about IP
-18:15-19:45 Successive Presentations
 Yusuke Ito, School of Engineering, Joint research at MIT, USA
 Budhaditya Pyne, School of Engineering, Internship at DLR Microwaves and
 Radar Institute, Germany
 Mayo Hirabayashi, School of Medicine, Internship at World Bank, USA
 Takashi Suzuki, School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Joint research at
 National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
-19:45-20:00 Q&A and Conclusions