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GSDM 108th Platform Seminar
Series Seminar for Business and Human Rights related to Conflict Minerals in the DR Congo
“The Development Aid for Local People in Conflict Affected Area”
22nd May 2018 18:00~20:30
(SMBC Academia Hall, International Academic Research Building, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo)

Time & Date: 18:00-20:30, 22nd May, 2018
Venue: SMBC Academia Hall, 4th Floor, International Academic Research Institution, University of Tokyo MAP
Language: Japanese and English (consecutive interpretation)
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Panelists: Dr. Noel K. Tshiani, Country Manager, the World Bank
Mr. Shigeru Ushio, Deputy Manager, Dept. of International Cooperation, MOFA
*Former Japanese Ambassador in the DR Congo
Mr. Masaya Onimaru, Director, NPO Terra Renaissance
Moderator: Kazuyo Hanai, Lecturer, Policy Alternative Research Institution, University of Tokyo
Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM), University of Tokyo
SDGs Collaborative Research Unit, Policy Alternatives Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Association on Sexual Violence and Conflict in DR Congo
Outline  Through the six seminars held since 2016, the Research Project “Business and Human Rights related to Conflict Minerals in the DR Congo” has provided opportunities to understand the situation of human rights violations in the mining areas in eastern DRC as well as various ways companies involved in mineral supply chains can fulfill their social responsibility. After the implementation of the regulation on conflict minerals in 2010, the mechanisms on minerals’ traceability have been established, and some armed groups withdrew from mining areas. On the other hand, the implementation of the regulation led to the reduction of income of the local households whose main source of revenues is generated from artisanal mining in eastern DRC. If international community aims to protect local people from human rights violations, implementation of the regulation on conflict minerals alone is not enough. It is necessary to implement development aid to create alternative opportunities for maintaining their income.
 Based on this perspective, this seminar hosts Dr. Noel Tshiani, a Congolese national, currently serving as Economist at the World Bank (Washington, D.C.), to speak about what the DRC policymakers and international institutions (such as the World Bank) have been doing or should do in regards to non-mining income generation for the households in eastern DRC as an alternative to mining revenues. Furthermore, the seminar offers a discussion platform to discuss the role of Japan, one of the largest consumers and donor countries, together with the participants from various sectors, such as business, government, international institutions, NGOs and media. It is expected that such discussion aims to seek support to long-term peace and stable alternative income generation in eastern DRC.