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The 104th GSDM Platform Seminar
“Rural Development in Vietnam: Resource Circulation and the Role of Middlemen”
18th Jan 2018 15:00-17:00
(Room612, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo)

Date : 15:00-17:00, January 18, 2018
Venue : Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo, Room 612MAP
Language : English
Admission free.
Speakers : 1. Kentaro Uchiyama (Manager, Overseas Planning Division, Syudensha)
2. Nguyen Quoc Dat (CEO, BioXanh Co., Ltd)
Outline : The seminar will discuss how the “Uchishiro bacteria” which was originally invented by a farmer in Japan is now having an impact in rural Vietnam toward sustainable society. Although the effectiveness of Uchishiro bacteria has been proven in the context of Japan, farmers in Vietnam have different beliefs and perception about what constitutes agricultural development. We will discuss the role of the middlemen in reducing the uncertainty of the product from Uchishiro bacteria and the future of rural development in Vietnam more generally. Previous studies have criticized the role of middlemen as they exploit farmers, however, our research explore the possibilities of middlemen as a positive agent of rural development.
We welcome participation of students and faculty who are interested in Vietnam, rural development, and sustainability.