[Event Information]
Interactive Evening Lounge
“Global Health Governance: Research Priority for Neglected Tropical Diseases”
22nd Nov 2017 18:00-19:00
(Eng.Bld.#8-536, Hongo Campus)

■Date : Wednesday, 22 November 2017, 18:00-19:00
■Venue : GSDM Students’ Room Engineering #8 Room 536 (Hongo Campus) MAP
■Organizer : SIP Group No. SIP17-05
Mehtonen Teemu Johannes, Yuki Usui
(Faculty member to attend: Prof. Kazuyo Hanai)
■Summary : <Outline>
This is an IEL to provide an opportunity to discuss about Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) issues, especially decision making for research funding to NTDs.
<Program>This IEL consists of three parts.
The first part: A research presentation of SIP Project (20 min)
We will present results of our SIP project. This presentation will provide audience a basic background about NTDs. We aim to all member can understand issue points for NTDs research and our solutions.
The second part: A defense between speakers and external reviewers (20 min)
We will receive a question and comments from external reviewers. We plan to invite several experts from different fields in order to provide widen perspectives.
The third part: A free discussion with audiences (20 min)
Audience including GSDM students will give questions and comments. We will receive a feedback from participants.
<Guest speakers>
Prof. Toshiki Watanabe, St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Professor
Dr. BT Slingsby, Global Health Innovation Technology Fund, Chief Executive Officer
(Prof. Kan Suzuki, The University of Tokyo, Professor)