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Interactive Evening Lounge
“Sense of Good Carrier Choices-Global Corporations Need Your Interdisciplinary Talents”
15th Nov 2017 18:45-20:30
(Seminar Room E, International Academic Research Building, Hongo Campus)

■Date : Wednesday, November 15, 18:45-20:30
■Venue : Seminar Room E, 12th floor, International Academic Research BuildingMAP
■Organizer : Mr. Karthik Varada (D2, Social Finance); Prof. Toshiro Nishizawa, GraSPP
■Summary : This IEL is co-organized by UTokyo4SDGs Student Initiative Project aims to throw the spotlight on enabling students in identifying ways to broaden ones’ scope of work in fields beyond their area of expertise. Mr. Brodrick and Ms. Matsumoto will engage with students in an interactive dialogue on how to advance professional careers by acquiring skills necessary to work with interdisciplinary teams. The evening will offer a platform for students who filled in UTokyo4SDGs survey to interact with peers from other disciplines interested in a specific Sustainable Development Goal. The speakers will also emphasize on some of their experiences in working with diverse group of professionals to deal with large scale societal issues.
■Flyer : Click here