[Event Information]
The 4th GSDM International Symposium
“Innovation, Space Technology, and Policy Making”
8th Feb, 2017  13:30~17:30 (Ito Hall, Ito International Research Center, Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo)

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In this symposium, the interaction between business development and policy regarding innovation based on the latest technological trends in the field of space development will be analyzed. Additionally, the aim of this symposium is to discuss the ideal form of policy for more broadly promoting innovation, using space development as an example while keeping in mind the relationship of policy to industry, as well as to deepen our understanding of this relationship.  
Various arguments and analyses have been produced concerning innovation. However, this symposium aims to debate the prospects of space development while discussing what kind of further innovations and policies are necessary in order to progress to the stage of solving problems through space development, especially social problems, and developing a space industry starting from our current situation. At the same time, this symposium will provide room for discussing the role universities should perform, and what policies are needed for the promotion of innovation, as well as the interaction of innovation and policy, from a broader perspective based on the example of space.  
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Date : 13:30-17:30, Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Venue : Ito Hall, Ito International Research Center, Hongo Campus of the University of TokyoMAP
Language : English/Japanese simultaneous translation
Sponsored by : Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM), the University of Tokyo
Admission : Free of charge
Pre-registration is required. Please register from here


13:30〜13:40 Symposium Opening remarks
Kazuo Hotate, Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo
13:40〜14:10 Cross-Cutting Session: Space Innovation and Its Governance
- Introduction
  Hideaki Shiroyama, GSDM Program Coordinator, Professor, Graduate
  School of Public Policy, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, the
  University of Tokyo
- Keynote speech 1
  Yuko Harayama, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation
- Keynote speech 2
  Hans-Jörg Bullinger, Senator, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
14:10〜15:40 Session 1: Technological Innovation and Business Trends in the Aerospace Industry
Following an overview of the latest trends and future prospects for space development as a field for innovation at the global level, the discussion will revolve around, first, what is meant by innovation in the field of space development. Secondly, an examination will be undertaken of the problems for space development innovation in Japan and of what is necessary for business stimulation and global strength (comparative advantage).
  Mamoru Mitsuishi, GSDM Deputy Program Coordinator, Dean of
    the School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
  Shuzo Takada, Cabinet Office, National Space Policy Secretariat
  Yasuaki Iwabuchi, System Technology Unit, Research and
    Development Directorate, JAXA
  Yuya Nakamura, President and CEO, Axel Space Corporation
  Chris Blackerby, NASA attache at the US Embassy in Tokyo
  Mukund Rao, National Institute of Advanced Studies(NIAS)
  GSDM students
    Budhaditya Pyne, Department of Electrical Engineering and
    Information Systems, Graduate School of Engineering D2
    Giulio Coral, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
    Graduate School of Engineering M2
    Yoshinari Kobayashi, Department of Aeronautics and
    Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering D2
    Mina Kishino, Department of Global Agricultural Sciences,
    Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, M2
15:40〜15:55 Break
15:55〜17:15 Session 2: Interaction between Innovation and Policy
The session will examine of the role of universities, the problems of industry development, the ideal form of industry-academia-government cooperation, as well as the interaction between policy and innovation based on the discussion in session 1.
  Hideaki Shiroyama
  Shinichi Nakasuka, Professor, School of Engineering, the
    University of Tokyo
  Yuko Harayama
  Hans-Jörg Bullinger
  Bhavya Lal, Research staff, Institute for Defense Analyses
  Tetsuya Hamabe, Chief Strategy Officer Executive Director,
    Planning and Cordination Group, Innovation Network Corporation
   of Japan
  GSDM students
    Marc-Andre Chavy‐Macdonald, Department of Systems
    Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering D2
    Karthikeyan Goutham, Department of Aeronautics and
    Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering D2
    Quentin Verspieren, Department of Aeronautics and
    Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering M2
    Risa Shibata, Department of Public Policy, Graduate School of
    Public Policy M1
17:15〜17:30 Closing remarks
Mamoru Mitsuishi
        ◉MC (GSDM students) : Mina Kishino, Risa Shibata