[Event Information]
TOKYO FORUM 2019 “Shaping the Future”
6th-8th Dec, 2019 (Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo)
6th Dec, 9:30-17:50(YasudaAuditorium/SanjoConferenceHall)
7th Dec, 10:00-17:00(Hongo Campus)
8th Dec, 9:30-12:00(Ito International Research Center)


The University of Tokyo (“UTokyo”) and Chey Institute for Advanced Studies (“CIAS”, a new institute to succeed the international activities of Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies known as KFAS) have agreed to co-host Tokyo Forum 2019, a new global forum aiming to promote discussion and exchange of ideas on the challenges that the world and human society face in various areas including politics, economics, culture, and environment, with an intention to continue the forum yearly in the future. The co-hosts have set the main theme of the forum as “Shaping the Future” and they wish to invite the global leaders relevant to the theme as the keynote speakers and participants.

Date : Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December 2019
Venue : Hongo Campus, The University of TokyoMAP
Admission : Free
Registration : Please register from here

The GSDM faculty members, Professor Mamoru Mitsuishi and Professor Hideaki Shiroyama will appear on the stage at the Parallel Session 4 “Digital Revolution” on December 7th. Professor Mitsuishi will be the organizer of the session. Please come and join the session.

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