Program registration and completion

How to register for the program

To register for the program, fill in the necessary items on the GSDM2.0 Registration Form.

Click here for the Registration Form.

About the courses

  • Courses should be completed in accordance with the completion procedures and methods specified by the graduate school or other institution which the student is affiliated with, by the date stipulated by the graduate school, etc.
  • Depending on the academic year, some courses may have not be included in GSDM2.0 program. Surely check with syllabus before registration if the course to take is accredited in this program for the corresponding year. As a general rule, cross-departmental education programs don’t approve the credits which are earned before the official start of the programs. However, as students are not allowed to take the same course again, for the initial phase of this program, credits earned by the compulsory and compulsory elective PBL courses offered before the spring of 2020 will be approved as fulfilling the requirements.
  • Please participate in the student activities; SIP and IEL.
  • Please participate in the events announced on this website

Accreditation of Credits

  • Credits and grades assessment are conducted for each course. In the case that students complete courses in another graduate school, the accreditation of credits is in accordance with the policies of the school to which the student is affiliated.

Issue of Completion Certificate

  • Certificate of Completion in the name of the chair of the University of Tokyo Education Steering Committee will be granted to students who have applied for registration, completed the required credits specified by this education program, and applied by the specified date on UTAS for the University-wide Graduate Education Program WEB completion certificate.
  • Certificate of Completion will not be issued to students who do not apply upon completion of graduate school, even if they have fulfilled the GSDM2.0 education program completion requirements.

Latest Information

  • The latest information and detailed application procedures will be presented on this website.