Site policy

This website“”(henceforth “our website)is managed and administered by PARI. Other websites besides the above URL are governed by the site policy of each website.
The contents of this site policy are subject to change without advance notice. In the event that such a change happens, please use the website based on your agreement with the newly revised contents.

For general inquiries, opinions and questions about our website, please contact
Our website’s goal
Our website operates with the main goal of transmitting information about GSDM and its related academic contents. Our website is offered for the convenience of users, and use of its contents, for which users themselves are solely responsible, is limited to non-profit purposes.
The information offered on our website as well as all text, figures, designs, images, sounds, videos, and any other content, unless explicitly specified otherwise, belongs to GSDM and PARI.
Excluding cases of individual use or when use is granted under the Copyright Act or other rights, using the information on the website (including reproducing, altering, parsing, distributing, transferring, lending) without prior consent is prohibited.
Furthermore, if the text, figures, designs, images, sounds, or videos published on this website are used with prior consent, we request that you clearly indicate the original source. The altering of text, figures, design, images, sounds, or videos is strictly prohibited.
Links to our website
As a general rule, you may freely link each page on this website by posting the URLs of each page in magazines, CD-ROMs. However, displaying our page within the frame of your own home page is prohibited. Furthermore, if you wish to connect with our website, please contact the following address.
External links
GSDM and PARI take no responsibility for the contents of the websites to which external links may be published on the pages of our website. Also, we will not accept requests to post links to external websites on our website.
Handling of personal information
Personal information refers to information that can identify specific individual users such as names, affiliations, or e-mail addresses.
Supplying personal information
There may be cases in which our website collects information or data that can identify an individual at the time of event registration, application for faculty positions, or inquiries. Also, on the page used to register for or cancel our mail magazine distribution service, it is necessary to supply an e-mail address for subscription or cancellation as well as a name, an affiliation, and an address for the prevention of identify fraudulent registration by third parties.
Use of personal information
Personal information supplied to us is stored, used or analyzed for a number of activities of GSDM and PARI. Also, GSDM and the Policy Alternatives Research Institute have the right to use collected information and data that can identify an individual within the stipulation of corresponding guidelines in this policy.
Management of personal information
Personal information collected is appropriately and prudently managed. To prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration, or disclosure of personal information, we employ necessary and appropriate measures.
Limiting disclosure to third parties
Personal information supplied to our website by users is never intentionally disclosed to third parties, except in the following cases:
・The person who supplied the information consents
・The information is processed and used as statistical data in a way that cannot be used to identify the person who supplied the information
・We are required to disclose the information by law
・It is urgently necessary to protect important assets, such as property or a person’s life or body
Access log
On our website, we record the access conditions of users (including access date and time, IP address, host name, browser) as an access log, but this information cannot be used to identify individual users. The access log is only used for analysis to improve the website and will not be used for any other purposes.